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Questions and comments board.

2009-01-21 13:45:30 by JasonGrimm

I'm back and here to say that I'm sorry it took me so long to resume my duty as a reviewer. Finally, after looking over some of my reviews with comments, I have come to the conclusion that a Questions and Comments board is necessary. So if I review your animation and you have problems or questions with it, you can post them here and I will respond to them. Or if you read my reviews(which I doubt anyone really does) you can comment them here. In either case, all questions and comments are welcome, but please be polite for anything resembling slander will be deleted.


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2009-01-21 14:41:25

yay!! you're back.. :3 just saw your comm in blockhead.. you wouldn't mind rating my submissions, right? :3 you used to.. welcome back..


2010-01-10 17:51:56

Cheers for your great review for Zomgies mate! Its refreshing when someone writes cohesively and brings up some new points after 500 shitty reviews :)

I tried to concentrate on making the enemy animations great on this one, rather than spending ages on the backgrounds or effects. You gave the game a 7 for animation, any tips how I could improve this aspect of my work?

Cheers bro!