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zOMGies zOMGies

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Review for zOMGies

Graphics: 8/10
Animation: 7/10
Sound Effects: 9/10
Music: 10/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Storyline: -/10
Overall: 8/10

Well, first things first. After a year long haitus that involved joining the military, I'm back in blue. However, I'll not bore you with details. Time for my review.

This game was really well made. I quite enjoyed it. Simple yet addictive, what we all want in a good flash game. My quirks for this game are as follows. Points, although nice to know how you're doing, were ultimately useless. Possibly for a sequel add an improvement system, or a high score board. The second thing is range for guns. I understand that some weapons are more inaccurate than others, but for the weapons to shoot only half a screen is kind of irritating. For the sawn-off, possible add more lines for damage, each line doing less, for a more real feel. For the controls, I fail to see why it's slower to move backwards than it is forward. Sound effects were nice, and music wasn't invasive. But on to the good points. First thing, amazingly simple but easy game. Very addictive. The ending when you lose, very amusing. I enjoyed the overall product. Looking forward to your next game.

Take one every four hours,

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Jimp responds:

commented your page!

RhythmWorld RhythmWorld

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Still to lazy

Once again, I'm to lazy to truely review, so I will simply say, needs a preview button, and is a great way to get your audio submission some exposure.

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Z-Wars Z-Wars

Rated 5 / 5 stars

To lazy

I spent about two hours playing this game. All I have to say is that the enemies power grows faster than your turrets can handle, creating an almost impossible wall to climb at level 20. Other than that, loved it.

Mega sudoku Mega sudoku

Rated 5 / 5 stars

JasonGrimm here

Just to make you feel happy that I reviewed your game, since I'm reviewing today, I thought I drop this message. I thoroughly hate sudoku, so I refused to play this game with any intentions of reviewing, seeing that it would majorly biased and unfair to you or the people who play this game. Thus being the case, I thought I would apologize and give you a 10/10 5/5. Have fun people and remeber /post/256443 for questions or comments.

Preloader Loaded! Preloader Loaded!

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Preloader Loaded! review

Sound Effects:-/10

This seems to be my first review of a preloader so here goes. Well, It was good, I'm not sure what else to say about it, very general, so it would be useful for all flash games or animations. My only advice is to maybe add the song into the preloader, instead of having it play after it finished loading. It may increase loading time, but I prefer a good tune while I wait over nothingness.

The Review Dude

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New Star Soccer Trials New Star Soccer Trials

Rated 3 / 5 stars

New Star Soccer Trials review

Graphics: 7/10
Animation: 7/10
Sound Effects: 6/10
Music: 0/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Storyline: -/10

Not to bad of a game. I'm personally not a fan of pixels, but I'm not biasing against it. The sound effects were pretty well done, but reminded me of the day's of the sega. My number one bitch is back with this game, the lack of BGM. It is necessary, yet no one likes to add it. Finally, the game play was simple and nice. The difficulty was perfect for a click game such as this one. Overall not bad.

You know who,

Bucketball Bucketball

Rated 4 / 5 stars

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Sound Effects:9/10

Before I get into the review part of my review, I have a note to those who read my reviews. I have a new post on my page about my reviews, and if you see something you would like changed or have comments on my reviews, please leave them on that post. They will be greatly appreciated and responded to. Both advice and constructive critisizm are welcome. Now onto my review.

I have now officially given this game three votes. Normal readers of my reviews will note that I typically only review a game in this style when it is still under judgement. This is a first for me. I have read the peoples reviews and I believe it is time for me to have my voice on this heard. First of all, the graphics were very well done. Almost a 10/10. the only thing that really pulled me away from the 10 is the fact that the game itself is beautiful, but I believe the background and landscape could have been done a bit better. I'm sorry, but if the working elements of the game were that beautiful, then I highly doubt you couldn't have made the landscape more appealing. Secondly, the graphics were great, but once again only missed the 10 by a hair. They were very well done, but there wasn't anything new in them, or anything that really caught my eye. I liked your choice in sound effects. I cannot give you a very valid reason they did not get a 10 besides the fact that I didn't think of why they should. Nothing mind boggling great about them, but they were well placed and used. Next up on the agenda is the music. It was a rather game-like soundtrack, the typical music you expect to hear from a game like this. Gameplay took a hit only because of the learning curve, and the how difficult it was to use your system. The learning curve was rather steep. Not impossible, but steep. However, if you have two balls land next to each other(laughs quietly to himself over how the "balls" sentence turned out) it is impossible to try to grab the one you want. It then becomes a game of precision to get the right one. Pretty good game otherwise. I appreciate the good work. As always replies are welcome, along with pm's if you choose.

The one and only,

RGB Cannon RGB Cannon

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

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Sound Effects:-10

Not an incredibly horrible game, or incredibly good game. I personally liked it, however, I only really have a few real complaints about it. First of all, the first time you watch the tutorial, and it says "You will now be sent to the main menu" nothing happens. I had to reload the game. Secondly, maybe a tutorial with written words along with the audio would be better. I'm not saying I didn't like the audio tutorial, it's just that it took so long to listen to. I'm saying like, 3-5 minutes. As a common newgrounder, I can tell you that we lose interest and start drifting off, or just wing it. With that said, I cannot discredit you with leaving out the part that you have to press the spacebar to change the color you are firing because I may not have heard as I lost interest halfway through the backstory. Thirdly, the learning curve was much to drastic. By the time I reached level three I was loosing blocks like crazy. Im not saying that the learning curve was bad, but just a tad to steep. My final thing to say isnt a complaint, more of a FYI. The only reason you did not get a 0 on sound effects is because I am unsure whether sound effects would actual work with this game. So you lucked out there :D. Anyways, thats my review, responses are appreciated.

As always,

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Squash the granny Squash the granny

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

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Sound Effects:7/10

This was a fairly average game. I mean, I have seen better, but I have seen worse. The graphics were decent. Not perfect, but they weren't something an infant would draw either. Animation, although once again not on the cutting edge, was not horrible, a little lag with the deaths, but otherwise fairly smooth. The sound effects were well used. However, there were times with the cars would not be on screen, but the "driving by" sound would play, or it would be a second to soon or too late. Now, the lack of music truely disappointed me. If you read most of my reviews, they all mention the lack of music, or the horrible placement of the music. This was a case of lack of music. If this does not pass, I believe the addition to a small background track from the Audio Portal would suffice in giving this more of a life. Lastly, onto the gameplay. This game, although a clever, and sadisticly satisfying game, dropped off at the learning curve. Well, less of a learning curve, and more of a brick wall of difficulty. The cars were near the same size of the lanes, thus making quick retreats inbetween cars impossible. Secondly, for first time players, it is impossible to kill a granny without killing a yourself. Since I didn't read the tutorial on the main menu, I cannot say anything about the random police brutality, however, might I suggest, if at all possible, when the game starts, and you havn't moved once, that a police officer decides to randomly assault you. I mean, when was the last time that you heard of a police officer randomly assaulting a young suburban girl. So, anyway, thats my review. A reply is always welcome.

As always,

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Pop Me! Pop Me!

Rated 2 / 5 stars

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Sound Effects:-/10

Although it was beatifully done, This was done before, just last night actually. Although it is next to impossible for you to of slapped something like that together over night, your timing was horrible, therefor, I cannot in good taste commend you as if you had submitted it just 12hours ago.


sabatino responds:

Ehm, this game is already on the internet from past week ;)
i just forgot to upload it here!
May i ask, why the 5/10 for animations?
There are no animations in the game, except the smileygamer logo, and the bubble explosions.
And why the 0/10 on gameplay?
I think this is an unfair rating!